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  1. Interested in and I have many shinys I can offer, just check my account.
  2. for ? I have many other shinys I can offer that are NOT UTF @ Alainscharzard13 (in game) I guess you could choose a few of my UTF shinys, but they arrrrre low level.
  3. Ok! The pokemon have been offer to both of you now! Contest is officially CLOSED.
  4. i have the pokemon up for trade but i didnt get the prize for the contest


    1. ashgreninjaserina


      Sorry, I have a very busy schedule, so I haven't been able to come on lately.

    2. holmes4869


      No problem brother....:)


  5. Yep! You got first! Put a hated pokemon UTF and I will offer You got 2nd. Basicly do the same
  6. So far: you are the third closest. But you, @Xcess, @BlackIronMan5, and @holmes4869 still get a 2nd guess!
  7. Lately, the websites I go to have been... acting up... wattpad has been the worst of it... and it only seems to be happening to me. Am I being haunted?

  8. Not yet. Hint: the number is in between 500 and 700
  9. Put your IGN: # you gessed from 1-800: Favorite pokemon: 1st place: level 100 and 2nd place: level 50 and Good luck!
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