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  1. Ign: Alainscharzard13 Hoping for any legend at all
  2. I'm gonna be gone for a LONG TIME... I really haven't had much time for Pokemon Vortex lately because I started a MCPE server and have to run it, also my parents are making me chores, so goodbye for now.

    1. shamily


      oh i feel very bad for you

    2. ashgreninjaserina


      Well, I'm still gonna KINDA be here, occasionally in the shadows to make sure my notifications don't get above 30

  3. My account Alainscharzard13 is not opening for some reason. I never gave my password away so it's not that, but my account won't let me in. Plz help me figure out what is going on.
  4. Is not a legendary, it is one of the common spawns on the dragon map. Lf: Ft:
  5. Yeah I agree, that would be cool to have that. But there are multiple decisions needed when programming a new pokemon like it will need to have a name like Greninja (Ash Forme) or what moves it can learn.
  6. Well actually I was just coming back to make the edit for only Palkia. Sorry lol but I can make a offer of x2 for both.
  7. Hello! This contest is mostly for newer players that are just starting out or have low level pokemon. Anyways, to enter, your post needs to include these things: 1. IGN (in-game-name) 2. Your favorite part of Pokemon Vortex The prizes are: 1st: (level 100) and 2 pokemon of choice trained to lvl 100 2nd: (level 50) and 2 pokemon of choice trained to level 100 3rd:(level 50) and 1 pokemon of choice trained to level 100. The prize pokemon will be put up on my trades when the competition ends on June 13 at 3:30 pm EST (OR it ends when there are
  8. How much for and I know it's a big order of shiny mons so take as much time as needed. I'll pay 100k even though the calculated amount is 56k
  9. Here are my offers for for I will need some time to train my offered pokemon to level 100 though.
  10. Hello I'm interested in your and Lol this is my first time online in a year. Not as long as you but still pretty long. I'm basicly like you, getting back into the swing of things.
  11. Interested in and I have many shinys I can offer, just check my account.
  12. for ? I have many other shinys I can offer that are NOT UTF @ Alainscharzard13 (in game) I guess you could choose a few of my UTF shinys, but they arrrrre low level.
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