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  1. I will put a weak pokemon for trade. Offer on that.(it is not shiny)
  2. I will put utf. Offer a bad pokemon on it. MY IGN: Alainscharzard13
  3. CORRECT! YOU GET 1ST PLACE! You get 2nd place You take 3rd
  4. So far this has been the closest because you are closest, you get another shot.
  5. Ok. I will offer tomorrow because I have a football game to watch today.
  6. Um how about I just offer all 12 pokemon at once?
  7. until

    Me too
  8. 1) your IGN 2) your guess of a number 1-100 You get one post/guess, so use it wisely! 1st prize is a level 100 AND I train any pokemon to level 100 2nd prize is I train a pokemon to level 100 And 3rd prize is a level 50 Good luck!!
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