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  1. Hyped about my new website! Its not finished, but its in progress!

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    2. omg414


      @ashgreninjaserina did you make it on your own?

    3. ashgreninjaserina
    4. ashgreninjaserina


      But what I used gave me a basic format.

  2. 1: I have no need to steal accounts And 2: I would never steal pokemon because I never come on pokemon vortex anymore
  3. I don't have discord, so I'll just pm you
  4. What for ? My IGN is Alainscharzard13 I have various shinys for trade.
  5. Im looking for a Im willing to offer ALMOST any of my pokemon. IS an option for trade.
  6. Looking for a PM me in game at IGN: Alainscharzard13
  7. I accidentally offered only one... but ok!
  8. I will put a weak pokemon for trade. Offer on that.(it is not shiny)
  9. I will put utf. Offer a bad pokemon on it. MY IGN: Alainscharzard13
  10. CORRECT! YOU GET 1ST PLACE! You get 2nd place You take 3rd
  11. So far this has been the closest because you are closest, you get another shot.
  12. Ok. I will offer tomorrow because I have a football game to watch today.
  13. Um how about I just offer all 12 pokemon at once?
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