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  1. I'm the leader of the Artists Guild and held a contest in the forum a month or so back. Shocker, not one person entered. It's a shame, the winner would have recieved free art of their trainer OC and their 2 partner Pokemon. So I did it for myself instead. /Join the Artists Guild clan for any and all things Pokemon and art!/
  2. Seems pretty self deprecating, neat idea haha. I'm still kicking myself for rush-clicking and passing right over a Shadow Registeel.
  3. Welcome to the Artists Guild!

  4. I agree, seems almost like a no-brainer since like you mentioned, its a mechanic implemented in almost every other Pokemon MMO type attempt. Considering its 15 a month just to be a member, I would assume the people making these decisions have the cash for the servers or whatever they need to make it a possibility.
  5. Anyone else think it's a little weird we cant naturally find legendaries without every badge and such but are able to buy and use them from pokebay, sometimes amazingly cheap? Or can still obtain (and use) legendaries from events without all the badges? Makes the rule seem almost arbitrary. I would assume it would be more balanced, and contribute to a player actually grinding for the payoff, if we can obtain legendaries but not use them in battle yet until the badges are obtained. Or am I just a gamer masochist?
  6. How on earth would this be considered spam. Its a user made event created for the sole purpose of enacting lively activity within the forums and fanbase and a chance to create art centered around what Pokemon Vortex is all about, while also relishing the possibility of winning free art and pokemon. You should double check.
  7. The Artist Guild [TAG] is having its first Pokemon Vortex Art Contest! Starting: Today! Deadline: July 6th IT'S A DRAW! But there can be only one winner! Create, perfect, sketch or just doodle your favorite pokemon and send it to TBarksArt@Gmail.com, as well as submit it in this thread, for a chance to win The Artist Guilds very first contest! The art will be judged by the members of TAG and a winner will be selected on technique, skill, imagination, and overall Poke-ness. THE WINNER will receive 1 free art voucher for TreyBarks* to draw any pokemon of their choosing, as well as 1 Arceus(Water) and 1 Metallic Smeargle. (Love art AND Pokemon of any kind? Join the Artist guild [TAG] today!) *TreyBarks (Me) is a professional and published fulltime artist, whos work can be viewed HERE
  8. Thankya! The greytone-static filter for Metallics works well enough for me (definitely on some Pokemon more than others), and oof, could you imagine redoing all the sprites for a more detailed cybernetic Metallic version? That's an update I doubt we'll ever see haha. But I definitely do plan to do a lot more art around here, definitely Metallics and Shadow versions.
  9. In other words they got their citizenship in the Poke'world.
  10. Metallic Pokemon interest my artist imagination, I imagine them all as bionic versions of the species. I'm a fulltime professional artist by day and Pokemon master by night, so I drew this to show one of my favorites, Metallic Smeargle.
  11. I love it, but I agree the fangs are a bit too much, and I prefer the version without horns, but its great.
  12. I just grind gym battles like crazy. Got Dusclops from level 30 to 100 in a couple hours.
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