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  1. Hi! Need your . Can you pick anything from my trades and offer on it please? Thanks.
  2. Can I have two Shadows for each Shiny? Please? If yes, I want please, all the evolutions I said ( 4 pokemons ) + Shadow Klink and Snorunt. If not, give me only the evolutions please.
  3. All accepted, thanks a lot. See you soon. PS: guess I need some more Shadows from you, but evolved. EDIT here's some more that I need. Hope you don't mind, im kinda annoying. ( evolve to Kadabra )( evolve to Lucio )( evolve to Mightyena ) ( evolve to Drifblin ) Tell me what you want, I'll accept anything you know. Thanks friend.
  4. Dude for me its perfect, if you want them I'll trade not a problem. Apreciate mate. Let me know when the offer is done.
  5. Hello again. Need the following friend, ( to evolve to Dusclops ) Tell me what you want from my trades please. I'll trade you the Legendaries I have UFT. Thanks.
  6. Not a problem. So instead can I have ?
  7. @Bandeide only what's up for trade, that im trading. So, what about My for your ?
  8. Welcome back my firend. Of corse, can you make the offer please? Thanks. EDIT all accepted. Thanks a lot. Will keep an eye on your thread.
  9. Hello! Check please my UFT Pokemons at PlacentaPancake account. Tell me if you need something. Thanks.
  10. Already traded those, so..nvm anyways.
  11. Want ? If yes, I would like and please. Damn. Sorry double post. Completly forgot. EDIT Apreciated. EDIT 2 Me again! I've been checking your Shiny list and my Pokemons, and noticed I need a few ones to evolve. Tell me what you want for them. Then either you can evolve them or i'll do. So here it is: ( need evolve to Kadabra ) ( need to evolve to Fraxure ) ( this one I dont need to evolve ) ( need to evolve to Klang ) ( need to evolve to Magneton ) ( need to evolve to Parasect ) So wanna trade again bud? Edit the last post with your answer. Thanks
  12. Me again. My for your . And my for your ? EDIT ( so I dont double post ) Thanks, see you soon.
  13. Dude, you are awesome. Really apreciated. See you soon.
  14. Oh, not a problem. So ? EDIT offer as been accepted. Thanks a lot.
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