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  1. yesplz i will give charazard y
  2. I have a male , lvl 50, 25,049 exp. Want it?
  3. Kay, you message me first
  4. Hmm a bit high, but I should be able to do it. How much does it have now?
  5. Hello! A wild Pokemon Exp Trainer has appeared!!! I am a "ExPeRiEnCeD" Exp trainer The cost depends on how much you want me to level up your Pokemon I accept every type of currency, Pokemon (looking for this dude in particular), Pokedollars (20,000 at least), and we could trade if you'd like. Well, thanks for reading and I hope you thing of letting me train up your Pokemon!
  6. So my friend (His username was jamesomon) got banned. He and I are very confused. We would like to know what happened and why you banned him to see if it was a mistake or not. He hasn't done anything bad on this website that I know of. Thanks, Fe
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