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  1. I cant trade: Mystic Kartana Shadow Treecko Shiny Dragonite Shiny Snivy Shiny Zapdos I can trade: Metallic Incineroar Metallic Mewtwo Mystic Litten Mystic Tepig Mystic Rayquaza Mystic Rowlet Shadow Riolu
  2. can I please have check my profile and tell me what u want
  3. hi I have a 2 ideas new event: 1 event idea is all rare Pokemon like starters will spore 3 times as often as during day and night across all maps and 2 event idea is all mega primal Pokemon and fossil times as often as during day and night across all maps but they will spore instead of legendary and ultra beast eg Darkrai will be replaced Aerodactyl or Aerodactyl (Mega) or Groudon (Primal)
  4. hi I am training only ground types to lv 100 in return I want any Pokemon that don't have on my account called killer1224 the Pokemon can be any lv add me as a friend on killer1224 we can talk there
  5. oh I have nothing from ur wish list
  6. I want offering all Pokemon r on trade and r lv 50 and higher
  7. how much is Shiny Munchlax worth
  8. can some one please tell me all the Pokemon in the game that can mega with mega stone like Rayquaza
  9. @akikaze offer: I want: unique Deoxys (speed) or Shiny Deoxys (Attack)
  10. I have sent u a friend request please accept and lets talk in game.
  11. it is up for trade ing: killer1224
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