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  1. killer1224

    Universal TRADE

    HI GUYS ANYONE WANT OT TRADE IGN: killer1224 killer122436 TradeMeFreePokePLZ12 And can you guys plz tell me what u want and want u offer thx for ur the time
  2. killer1224

    Giveaway Easter Giveaway

    ing: killer1224 killer122436 TradeMeFreePokePLZ12
  3. hi can someone do my side quests? on my account called balgovind. offering: 50,000 and 1 lv 100 for per regions. And also can some one exp train for me? on my account called killer122436. offering: 100,000 and 1lv 100 per 500000 exp if u want to exp train or do my side quests add me as a Friend on TradeMeFreePokePLZ12 or killer1224 and then we will talk privately.
  4. killer1224

    Universal no name

    I really like this game and I know that many of you guys like this game to but there are lots of people who have just stop this playing this game. some of the accounts have really good Pokemon like shiny rayquaza (mega) with 2965034 exp but he or she haven't played this for game for 2 years or more and I think that they might not play forever. I think we should do some thing about this. well this what I think wright down what do u think about this.
  5. killer1224

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  6. killer1224

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    na do u have other event Pokemon
  7. killer1224

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  8. killer1224

    Experience Pokemon level up trainer

    how much exp will u do for Voltorb (BB-8) ?
  9. killer1224

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    vortob bb
  10. killer1224

    Uniques LF> Vulpix (Alolan)

    hi I have
  11. killer1224

    Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    I'm offering an voltorb (BB-8) for a missingno Is it worth it? I'm offering an voltorb (BB-8) for a volcanion Is it worth it?
  12. killer1224

    Universal TRADE OFFER ME

    I want : look at my profile ing: killer1224 killer122436 TradeMeFreePokePLZ12 I hope that you find something good but if your not interested please quote it and say that your not interested please. some of the Pokemon are NOT for TRADE there will be no Pokemon no trade. should I offer?
  13. killer1224

    Legendaries Selling legendarys plz check

    ur Shiny Dragonite, Shadow Lucario, Ho-oh, Dark Diancie (Mega) and Gengar (Mega) for my all lv 100
  14. killer1224

    Uniques Trading Uniques Pokes (Updated July 02)

    ur for my
  15. killer1224

    Uniques Trading Uniques Pokes (Updated July 02)

    oh ok