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  1. As of now only the developers know when it will be added if its added they will tell us so be patient
  2. exp rates nowadays 1million exp gives u 3million or 3.5million or 4million depends on the seller and buyer but people mostly go with 1millxp for 3.5million pds rate
  3. if 1 pokeball is going for more than 1 million the user must have bought something from the other guy like promo codes or pokemon etc and if an arceus goes for millions it must either have exp or the other user must have bid by a mistake
  4. There is gmax urshifu for both single and rapid strike but they're not released yet in pv and btw nice idea guys
  5. how much for meta aerodactyl mega meta omanyte and meta kabutops
  6. The problem with u was that u didn't have a strong password which made the other user guess it. Henceforth keep a strong password qso that no one guesses it
  7. Team yell not in game yet it will be added in the game in future
  8. They are pokemon events which will be released in form of a special event.
  9. oh god that is a seriously bad trade meta aero mega is like 4 to 5m and meta white is like 6 to 7m and shiny suicune is like 550k to 600k max
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