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  1. apparently i was one of the first to dm cap (I dm'ed him on discord)
  2. thx for mention and sorry for the late reply oops
  3. actually if the same seasonal rank feature gets added to globals and locals it would be good
  4. Umm as far ik nope, as it was introduced to know your seasonal rank in a more easier way as earlier we discord was the only way to check the seasonal rankings and moreover u can check the other two ranks in your profile itself
  5. tbh both of misunderstood each other and calling the other scammer first sort the problem and say who is the scammer and kindly provide proofs if u are sure he is a scammer
  6. The admins won't believe you unless you give a proof of the chat and the trade
  7. Mewtwo can be found in lower floor of fungal cavern
  8. LOL i love tht hypno


  9. hoi zayden im firebolt from organ donors my ign is sanjimon
  10. sanjimon


    event tickets are available during specific events only. its not available now
  11. Forums clans are in process of being removed Patrick said this earlier
  12. As of now only the developers know when it will be added if its added they will tell us so be patient
  13. exp rates nowadays 1million exp gives u 3million or 3.5million or 4million depends on the seller and buyer but people mostly go with 1millxp for 3.5million pds rate
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