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  1. Some of my goals are to get to 100m total experience, reach top 25 in Canada, and complete the Pokédex (or what I can possibly do for now) ign: JaX
  2. Best I can do is normal poochyena.
  3. This might be a personal opinion of mine but I find that after a Pokemon reaches lvl 100 there isn’t too much else to do with them and I just move on to the next Pokemon. What if there was some sort of Pokémon mastery badge/avatar? We could make it where you have to be the OT of every variant of a specific Pokemon and get them to a certain amount of xp like 500k or 1m then you could unlock a unique avatar for that Pokémon that can only be obtained by doing this (maybe just change the hue to gold or diamond colour to make it easier on the team). The OT idea would make it harder for people to ju
  4. Just found Suicune in the grass on Stillwater quarry (day). Forgot to take a screenshot EDIT: Nvm it just turned night when I found it.
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