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  1. Could i get normal rayquaza? i have starters and other legends to Trade for btw my vortex IGN is Dark_Umbreon
  2. seriously? An eevee (rare pokemon aka. Low chances) for a grimer? (Common pokemon aka. High chances) People wont be that Nice unless they like are giving thier pokemon away cause they ar quitting or for a giveaway..
  3. Hey, i have a level 100 arceus and a metallic legendary (i dont remember it But i Will out it up in my Trade thread) im going for the shiny eevee. Also im going on vacation today, (at the time this was written) and i hope you Maybe Can answer After or Before the week IM gone. Thanks! Ign: Dark_Umbreon
  4. I have sent an offer on Your zekrom. check Your Trade offers for What i Will give.
  5. I dont Think so lel
  6. hi! im doing exp farms for anyone who asks. I really dont need Anything for any amount of level. Though i Will only go up to level 100 and no more. Thanks! all kinds of pokemon are accepted. only level 100 pokemon are not accepted
  7. im interested in Your for my thanks ps. You make the pokemon on Your Trade page and Then im gonna offer my yveltal for Your arceus!
  8. Top one ignore it ^~^ I have a male timburr with 6000 xp male and Its Dark.
  9. I have done it now! Hope you Can get geodude some exp
  10. edit: im giving my timburr to someone Else.
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