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  1. Hello admin can i request ip unbanned gonna play legetimately @flamescape Might had been annoyed of me for trying to use stuff that makes easier to play(in short botting) for now i'll play honestly...

    1. Patrick


      We don’t do IP bans, you’re welcome to make a new account whenever you want as long as you stay within the rules.

    2. SpadeNexus


      Can you lift my ban on discord too ill be followinhg the rules now i'm pretty sure you can detect if ever i use some automation.

  2. Adding captcha on every 1million exp trained ..or number of battles or randomly.. Pros: *help the game to be more fair same time allow the game to earn itself tru solve captcha *It removes the risk factor of trading experience and later losing it because it turned out to be trained illegitimately. Cons: *annoy botters... Same time those who train like there's no tommorow...
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