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  1. I'm happy to discuss it on vortex if you want!!
  2. I'm willing to trade my shiny alcremie (love) or arceus (rock). Contact me (Judec4513) if interested and I will put them up for trade
  3. My friend wants to gift me a mystery box , but were not sure if it's possible. Is it possible?
  4. I bought a burn drive during the 'genesect genesis v1' event. Pokémon vortex never mentioned in the description of the event how to put the burn drive on a genesect, or that you could only turn a genesect into a genesect (blaze) during whilst the event was still active. I demand a refund from Pokémon vortex, as the burn drive cost me 147192 pokedollars.
  5. Over the last month, I have frequently noticed Pokémon being sold for under 25000 pokedollars, despite that being the lowest start price. The list of people who scammed me and the Pokémon are as follows: rishiknightwolf : simisear ChaosBeast : braixen ArcaneKnight : mystic vivillion (meadow) Carterflong11 : magikarp rotoms5 : golurk okahinoburak : metallic magby arceuspalkia : absol, metagross 90961: kadabra cochmister123 : weavile, typhlosion JeanKiLLah : mystic farfetchd, shadow wishiwashi (school) Battlebuda : rockruff
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