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  1. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    I am not interested in making offers on those pokes at the moment, but If you tell me what on my trades you want for these Pokémon I will consider it anyway and let you know if I'll be willing to trade! Thanks
  2. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Please let me know what you'd like for If there was something you were after or had your eye on, let me know!
  3. Alys

    Legendaries Growing Shiny Shop

    Hi, I've made an offer on your for some of your wishlist Pokémon, I hope this is enough. Thanks
  4. EDIT: Update, I have found a way to force night mode onto vortex (or any site) using the Google Chrome Extension "Dark Reader" I recommend looking it up and using it if you liked these ideas! Two pretty simple Accessibility suggestions: Epilepsy Mode Toggleable on and off via Settings, removes the black overlay used behind the Pokéball loading animation when searching for Pokémon for epileptic users or those who want to remove the flickering when hunting Night Mode Toggleable on and off via Settings, changes the light palette of Vortex for a darker one (maybe even completely inverted) Or even just the white background for a black background for use at night or on bright screens for people with weaker eyesight. (Doesn't have to look pretty, just for ease of use) Example 2 with inverse Colours: (very rushed, just an example) Also things like Gender colours or Movement arrows clearly don't need to be swapped also.
  5. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Sure, I can do it for Thundurus if you'd like to make the offer in my trades. Thanks friend EDIT: Ah. I thought we were talking about shiny ditto. Sorry friend.
  6. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    I've checked all three of your accounts and you don't seem to have any of them so there's nothing I need. Thanks anyway
  7. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Hey friend, offer made thanks! Is there anything else you wanted for these?
  8. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Sorry friend, I am only looking for the Shiny/Shadow variants I have listed on the front page. But thanks for letting me know!
  9. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    With the Genesect Event coming up I feel the prices of them could go up so, I think i'd rather wait for that first before I trade all 3. Also,is reserved for another shiny starter I don't have, Sorry friend. Let me know if there's anything else you wanted. Thanks
  10. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    It depends on which one you wanted do you mind naming a few you're interested in so I can give yes or nos? Hey Friend, Wow, that's a really nice collection you have! Here are some of the things I found that I am interested in! Let me know which (if any) of them you will trade for and what of mine you're interested in, thanks! (All 3!) (Also anything else from my list that i've missed!)
  11. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    No I do not, Please check my trades on the first page to see what i have available.
  12. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Hi Friend, Please try not to double post as it is against forum rules, please instead edit your first post with anything you wanted to add. Also, I don't have either of those Pokémon up for trade or on my account - I'm trying to get them.
  13. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    No worries, im interested in both the Charizard and ditto you mentioned in PMs, what would you want for these two?
  14. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Sure friend I'll take either if you'd like to make the offer, and please try not to double post as it is against forum rules, please instead edit your first post with anything you want to add, thanks!
  15. Alys

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Sure, sounds good! I'm interested in aswell if you wanted anything else