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  1. @akikaze I want: 3 deoxys (Attack), 2 deoxys (Defense), 2 deoxys (Speed) Offering: shiny suicune, shiny darkrown, shiny porygon, shiny rotom, shiny mesprit, shiny virizion, shiny azelf, shiny tornadus, shiny cobalion, shiny uxie, shiny terrakion, shiny shaymin sky, shiny regirock, shiny diancie
  2. shiny yveltal + shiny zekrom for any deoxys?
  3. Ive got these shinies from your wishlist Im interested in
  4. I have many unique starters/rares/legendaries for trade. Im interested in your pichu (christmas), metallic genesect.
  5. @Alys just made the two offers. Just to be clear I’m willing to 1 for 1 any of the others for your other two shiny leggys as well!
  6. @Bandeide at most I’m willing to throw in shadow xerneas, other than that sorry
  7. @Bandeide I can do manectric,wurmple, Cottonee, delibird for sure, and I’ll throw in the cyndaquil which is also rare, is this ok for you?
  8. @fahhtherising are your shinies not for trade or are you only doing 1 for 1 of same Pokémon species? I wanted to trade 1 for 1 for your shinies
  9. I am willing to 1 for 1 any of these for a shiny legendary.
  10. Hi, Im willing to trade 1 for 1 of any of these for any of your shinies listed, ,,,,,,,,, (2), (2),,,,,,,, I also have many regular metallic pokemon, willing to 4 for 1 for your special legendaries and 2 for 1 for your regular legendaries.
  11. @Bandeide yeah, just list a few things you want for starters?
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