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  1. Here i have tried to put ideas of some unknown artists which made these amazing superhero inspired pokemon's which was not easy. Salute to the artists..(Iam an artist too). Do reply if you like it or dislike and also comment your views if it could be implemented in the game. Here is the link for MARVEL based superheroes in the form of pikachu. https://ibb.co/N3c2DtC https://ibb.co/0Mtqxfv https://ibb.co/Bft8nWz https://ibb.co/4Y528jh https://ibb.co/FzJFjfM https://ibb.co/mNw4hd9 https://ibb.co/QKjwJRJ https://ibb.co/0Mtqxfv https://ibb.co/ZmVzH82 https://ibb.co/LNsRtrM https://ibb.co/hZ1sh5y Here is the link for DC based superheroes in the form of pikachu. https://ibb.co/qdwyDrh https://ibb.co/3fqFMg1 https://ibb.co/wM5mwCk https://ibb.co/0V2zZZF https://ibb.co/27Gr8tt https://ibb.co/KsQHPdq And here is an another form of pikachu based on Kakashi Hatake (a character from Naruto anime). https://ibb.co/BzgvnW3. Hope you guys like it... XD Note:- All these have been done by unknown artists and none of the above stuff belongs to me.
  2. Clever guy. Offered on a good poke. I accepted it though..
  3. Okay deal Tell me your ign..
  4. Thanks @ashgreninjaserina I have few pokes on trade you can offer on them. Thx once again.
  5. Can you tell your discord ign?
  6. I'm interested in all your dark pokemons
  7. Let's take the conversation to chats
  8. 370k.. Actually would like you to train high but first wanna check your skills..
  9. How much will you train for arceus water?
  10. Pory's a good guy. Atleast enough good to give away the prize TBH.
  11. I need all those pokes.. Check my ign itachiindia and let me know what you wanna have!
  12. How much for mystic pikachu Christmas and rotom wash?
  13. Hello everyone.. so I was bored today and then I decided to make some sketch of a Pokemon. Later I realised that there might be few artist even in the game as well. So why not everyone share their Pokemon art work? The best art would be selected as the winner and maybe Patrick may even like your art of your pokemon and release it in the game. (if your lucky!!). So the contest begins... Hope you like the idea. XD Winners may get Pds, Pokemon,items etc..
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