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  1. I like the coin system. Dedicated players can save up for a few months and eventually get a unique galarian birdie.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended. I'm trying to evolve a mystic pikachu into a mystic raichu while in the Galar region of the sidequest (1960). However. the only option I have is to evolve it into a mystic raichu (alolan). I thought since I'm in Galar (not Alola), evolving mystic pikachu should give me a mystic raichu (normal form), not mystic raichu (alolan form)?
  3. We can maybe set the number of zygarde cells needed to make partial and complete to a higher number than the event. That might be more fair to the players who participated in the Zygarde event. And making complete set of unique Zygarde Complete would still take a long time.
  4. Hello dearly beloved Vortex developers, Can we make fusing Zygarde (Cell)and Zygarde (Core)to make Zygarde (Partial)and Zygarde (Complete) into a permanent feature in Pokemon Vortex? I think more recent players who did not get a chance to participate in the Zygarde events (me included) would have a blast collecting teeny tiny zygarde cellsand eventually fuse them. Wheeeeeeee~
  5. Hey IGN khyeborg, feel free to message me. I'd like for you to train my Pokemon too :)
  6. I recently claimed a Shadow Kyurem (White) that has ??? type. Pokemon ID: 0028694761. IGN: khyeborg. Please check it out. https://imgur.com/a/wizALp2
  7. Hi, is it just me or are there double exp today???
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