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  1. I see that slowbro (galarian) and slowking (galarian) are supposed to be poison + psychic type. However, their cards (in "View All Your Pokemon") only show the poison typing (purple), but not the psychic typing (pink-ish). I'm attaching 2 screenshots for reference: https://imgur.com/a/cfU6ziz https://imgur.com/a/KY05eYR
  2. An outsider's perspective: If pandawarrior is the former ursawarrior, I think there's much more to the story here...
  3. @billabob Oh wow, if what you're saying is true, those who got one when they were obtainable are too lucky!
  4. Hi, this is less of a feedback and more of a question. I know previously, galarian bird avatars are obtained by claiming their promo codes. Now that it's changed to seasons shop, is there a chance to receive the galarian bird avatars when we buy any variant of the birds from the seasons shop?
  5. I wonder why Wonder Trade works with the mainstream Pokemon games. Because of haxxx?
  6. Yeah, the event is running for a whole week. And was announced >24 hours before the event began. Greninja ash won't be too rare, but it's good. Doesn't hurt for more people to have it
  7. I guess this is a bug, so I'll report it here. I get about chat messages from 10 - 15 users every day, mostly saying hi, asking questions, or asking for trades. If I get the messages when I'm at work, I keep them unread and only begin a "reply session" once I'm off work. But sometimes (like it happened 30 minutes ago), all the users' chats disappear from my chat bar and I can no longer trace who sent me a message that needs reply. It makes me a little sad because I don't want to come across as rude for not responding to other people's questions or requests. But the truth is, those messages disappear on me occasionally Anybody else experiences this? Any chance this can be fixed? I can provide more info if needed. Thank you!
  8. I get many questions from users (most new users) through chat every day, and I reply all of them and answer all their questions to the best of my ability. I try to be nice to everybody who plays the game I wouldn't mind having a mini ambassador role on my profile. That would look kinda cool. Maybe even a custom avatar or a custom sprite for my character (like how Pat's a munchlax and Flame's a pink rhyhorn). This also reminds me of a role Nintendo used to have - Game Counselors. The counselors are the coolest people on the block, lol.
  9. Hi, I see that most alola and galar poke avatars were omitted from the avatar catalog. Any chance they'll be added in the future? That way we can be awarded alola and galar poke avatars through log ins, mystery boxes, and alola/galar sidequests. Please consider
  10. Does this mean we have to catch some extra froakie to prepare for the event?
  11. I have one quick suggestion before admins roll out the new feature that allows us to see our own rank on the seasonal leaderboard - Can your own rank appear at the top of the seasonal board instead of the bottom? (so users don't have to scroll all the way down to the bottom every time they wish to check their seasonal rank) Just a quick suggestion to hopefully improve the UX a little Love these new changes btw. I can finally own a unique galar bird (in 5 months)! *fingers crossed
  12. I like the coin system. Dedicated players can save up for a few months and eventually get a unique galarian birdie.
  13. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended. I'm trying to evolve a mystic pikachu into a mystic raichu while in the Galar region of the sidequest (1960). However. the only option I have is to evolve it into a mystic raichu (alolan). I thought since I'm in Galar (not Alola), evolving mystic pikachu should give me a mystic raichu (normal form), not mystic raichu (alolan form)?
  14. We can maybe set the number of zygarde cells needed to make partial and complete to a higher number than the event. That might be more fair to the players who participated in the Zygarde event. And making complete set of unique Zygarde Complete would still take a long time.
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