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  1. Currently there is no way to unlink an ign from your discord, you can only change it to a new discord. What would be useful would be the ability to simply unlink your ign from your discord.
  2. I think it would be very useful and helpful if there was some sort of generation/region filter in the pokedex. I personally don't know much about which gen a particular pokemon is, so if I want to search for pokemon by region/gen, it would be very useful. Also, perhaps a counter which shows how many pokemon you have of a particular gen. For example you have 50/160 of gen 1.
  3. When I try to redeem money codes, I get the following message: 'Promo code amount and current amount exceeds total money storage.' When I sell an item on pokebay, I am able to get the money without an issue. Issue seems to be with the promo code redemption (i.e. it is reading an old money cap).
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