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  1. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Answered item Question

    will pokemon be able to hold random items in the future?
  2. HelpMeBeTheBest

    event idea

    i have an idea for the event so i was thinking lots of new people r joining the game but they dont get to take part in old event like i didnt get to take part in rotom pokedex event the event took place before i even played this game so the event is going to be all event pokemon will spore 2 times as often during day and night across all maps but all legendary pokemon and all ultra beast which r not event pokemon will not spore eg mewtwo wont spore on maps but mewtwo (evolution) will.
  3. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Uniques Seeking Shinies, Offering Misc

    @akikaze offering: i want: Deoxys (Attack)
  4. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Experience Training shop

    how much will u train for
  5. HelpMeBeTheBest


    i want shiny pokemon with 1.000.000 EXP but i dont have any thing good.
  6. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Legendaries Growing Shiny Shop

    hi i have these 4 shiny for trade what will u give me for them?
  7. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Answered how do i get Mewtwo (Evolution)

    ye and the lowest on auction is $22,222,222 and i dont think anyone would trade it to me because i have nothing good enough
  8. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Answered how do i get Mewtwo (Evolution)

    how do i get Mewtwo (Evolution)? as i am to young for Discord
  9. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    i have it is up for trade
  10. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: HelpMeBeTheBest no events and no legendary
  11. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Legendaries Shinies & Legendaries

    i have shiny which is Shiny Rattata and Shiny Rufflet and Shiny Pancham