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  1. Hey Patrick both of my accounts "chris_285" and "chrishicks" have been banned I made a backup account to pokemon in if you could reach back to me I would appreciate it thank you 

    1. omg414


      Once banned is banned! They would not ban you simply! You might have broken the TOS rules which you agreed while creating your account. 


      They will never return the pokemon from banned account.

    2. Lifeofnicks


      Guess I gotta start from scratch again but I ain't tripping tho :-_-: it's just a game even tho I had hella UB, event Pokemons but it is what it is

    3. Lifeofnicks


      But I literally just traded pokemon from my main account to my backup account that's all but like I said I ain't tripping tho it's just a game

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