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  1. Please do NOT ask me if I want to trade or sell certain Pokemon that I have not put up for trade or auction. The answer will always be no and if I wanted to sell or trade certain Pokemon I would put them up for trade or auction. Though I am more likely to put Pokemon up for trade or auction if I have multiples of them, like how I have multiple Normal Arceus (Dark) from mystery boxes. So please stop bothering me on here, in game and on discord for Pokemon I do NOT wish to trade or sell.

    1. Auke1993


      That's basically how I see it.

      If I want to trade things, I have them for trade.

    2. zorofan43


      yeah but I still get a lot of people asking for Pokemon I don't want to trade or sell

  2. The shiny one has already been traded.
  3. Hey guys, I have put up 6 Normal Arceus (Dark) and 1 Shiny Arceus (Dark), mostly looking for Pokemon I currently do not have (primarily legendaries and unobs). IGN: zorofan43 I got a bunch from the mystery boxes, most of the Arceus (Dark) I got I put up on PokeBay, but I am also offering for those who don't want to spend money. Like I said I am mostly looking for Pokemon I don't own, but will accept if I already have it. Also please be reasonable with your offers and make it a fair trade, for example offering a bunch of low level pokemon you just caught is 1) an insult to me, and 2) I will flat out reject the offer. If you have any questions let me know. What I have up for trade: 5 Normal Arceus (Dark) 1 Dark Arceus (Dark) 1 Metallic Arceus (Dark) 1 Mystic Arceus (Dark) 1 Shadow Arceus (Dark)
  4. Has it really been that long? I remember when Pokemon Crater went down and I was devastated, not long after Pokemon Vortex came into existence and help fill that void. I've have been playing since v1. So what I have to say is thank you Patrick and the rest of the PV team!
  5. I think what they are trying to say is that instead of always going back to the select Pokemon page in the battles, once you defeat a Pokemon you are given two options, 1) is to change your selected Pokemon (like how it is right now), or 2) continue on to the next Pokemon without changing your Pokemon. I like this idea as I tend do use the training accounts a lot and it gets annoying when I have select the same Pokemon over and over again when going on to the next Pokemon in the battle. Essentially this is cuts out the middle man per say with the middle man being the Pokemon selection page. The only times you should go to that page is the first Pokemon you select, your Pokemon faints, or you want to switch out your Pokemon after defeating an opponents Pokemon. In all honesty I feel like it would be more true to a real Pokemon battle in the games.
  6. So during the quiz on the discord channel, one of the Rotom forms came up as one of the questions. I put in Rotom Mow, but I got it wrong as it was Rotom Cut, which I found strange. I double checked serebii, and it is Mow and not Cut, but when I checked the Pokedex here on PV it has it as Cut. Is this possibly an error in development that has never been fixed and would it be possible to change it to the correct name? As all the other Rotom forms have their correct names.
  7. Seriously, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is stunky/stuntank because I love skunks irl.
  8. I mean pokemon eat other pokemon, so I don't see why people wouldn't eat them.
  9. Hey, is there any updates of PV Mobile? Like how far in development is it or is there any idea when it will be released? I'm really looking forward to using the mobile exclusive map again.
  10. Thank you, I do apologize for not realizing that sooner, I haven't been on PV for a long time, just recently getting back on.
  11. So as I'm trying to mind my own business, I am spammed with requests to be my friend and to join clans. It is starting to get annoying, and it would be much appreciated if there was a way to turn on/off requests. Most of the time they message me if I am want to trade my unobs and/or special legendaries, and when I say no they are persistent and won't leave me alone so I have to block them.
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