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  1. Hello everyone, My idea is directed to BATTLES. When an opposing Pokémon is defeated, a "Continue" button appears below the battle information. When we click, the screen returns to our six Pokémon and we must select the same or another if we wish to change our combatant. My suggestion goes here... Instead of popping up this single "Continue" button, why not change it to two different buttons? 1- "Change your Pokémon" 2 - "Continue without changing" Let me hear your opinions !! Greetings
  2. Hello trainers, How about introducing nature and IV to the Pokemon? I know it may take several days (maybe weeks) to make this workable. But, the truth is, that these two information would be a revolution to Vortex. New strategies would come up. The hunt would be intensified. Trade channel would be much more active. ***With this implementation, a new concept of battle could be brought in (e.g. Battle Mansion). Thanks!!
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