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  1. Dusk mane 4m and dawn wing 5m
  2. BUYING as many as you can sell offering 50k pds each offering 50k pds each offering 150k pds each offering 250k pds each offering 750k pds each SELLING Necrozma (Dusk Mane) Necrozma (Dawn Wings) Necrozma avatar Mystic Arceus (Flying) in masterball Metallic Arceus (Flying) x2 in masterball if i don't respond here fell free to message me in game on satanisd3ad
  3. Hello, I will be selling entire set of Arceus (flying) - (All 6 variants in Master Ball). NOT selling individual variants. If interested, please send me a message on IGN: SATANISD3AD along with the price, looking for PDs/EXP. Thank You, Happy Hunting
  4. can you catch eevees i need all variants we can talk farther in dms
  5. You did sent me a message 👀
  6. Necrozma (Dusk Mane) x7 Necrozma (Dawn Wings) x5 Mystic Scyther (Halloween) in Master Ball Dark Scyther (Halloween) in Master Ball Shiny Zacian in Vortex Ball Shiny Braixen you can send a message in game on SATANISD3AD ( not much active here )
  7. i have one send me dm in game on SATANISD3AD
  8. Hi bro sent you dm on discord my discord satansrow (display name - harjot)
  9. 0007320641 bid on this and give ign i will offer the poke
  10. i see, you might have seen the value above what i want for my set. nothing else i can do here i guess
  11. wait what that was all about shiny umbreon lmao edit - it was more then that poke so nothing changes lol
  12. Not interested in detail with reported players i see thanks If you talking about scyther helloween My price bit high, 150m for set or more lol I have declined offer for 60m and 65m just for my shiny scyther helloween 😂
  13. SELLING Scyther (Halloween) (LF offers) SELLING normal events x3 LF PDS/EXP
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