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  1. I have a question Patrick. Is there a what we can find Our pokemon by the type of pokemon they are instead of just by the Shiny/Metallic/Mystic or Shadow type? Like say I want to find just Flying type pokemon of all those would there be a away we could to that? I hope that make sense.  Because some times its hard for me probally many people to remember names of pokemon.

    1. omg414


      You can sort them out in view all your pokemon.

  2. I am trading a loads of pokemon. I'm trying to complete my Xeraens (Active) set. I am also looking for a few pokemon with high Experience. Please comment here or contact me... my ing name is Amaira the same as the forums name.. i'd like to trade ASAP please. I am open to any offers.. (sorry I don't know how to put in pictures)
  3. What's the best and fastest way to level up your pokemon? To gain High Exp and levels?
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