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  1. Adithya1234

    Answered clan

    i was on a break from game so i appointed satanist as the clan leader for legendary exectors (tle) today he was banned for reasons unknown i would like to know the procedure to transfer leadership to a co leader hoping my question is answered thanks! and regards
  2. You could buy mystery boxes from vortex store too When u open them in bulk u have chances of getting them in topi tiers
  3. Yes he is banned Because of him I lost 2 mill exp Don't trust everyone
  4. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    He made it 31st December lol
  5. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Patrick told that's a placeholder there will be an event in the between maybe it's a login event lol
  6. Any necrozmas Especially dark necrozma Dm me in game - inevitable If u find any of those
  7. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Waiting for update
  8. Dude don't fall for it Training a single poke to 10 mill is tough and also what he is giving not even worth it if u want free stuff dm me in game - inevitable Don't fall for these big time scams lol
  9. Lol that conditons are scam lel I tell u catch 6 sableyes train them to lv 100 teach them fling ur life sorted 10 mill exp worth 30 mill pd and the pokes he is offering hardly worth 3 mill Scam lol don't fall for it for god's sake
  10. I have quite some pokes from there Ign - inevitable ,Adithya1234
  11. Looking for shiny unown 0 (zero) Offering good pokes from Ign- inevitable , Adithya1234
  12. until

    Didn't u leave the game sir!?
  13. You haven't put up anything yet message me in game ign - inevitable when u do
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