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  1. You could buy mystery boxes from vortex store too When u open them in bulk u have chances of getting them in topi tiers
  2. Yes he is banned Because of him I lost 2 mill exp Don't trust everyone
  3. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    He made it 31st December lol
  4. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Patrick told that's a placeholder there will be an event in the between maybe it's a login event lol
  5. Any necrozmas Especially dark necrozma Dm me in game - inevitable If u find any of those
  6. Adithya1234

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Waiting for update
  7. Dude don't fall for it Training a single poke to 10 mill is tough and also what he is giving not even worth it if u want free stuff dm me in game - inevitable Don't fall for these big time scams lol
  8. Lol that conditons are scam lel I tell u catch 6 sableyes train them to lv 100 teach them fling ur life sorted 10 mill exp worth 30 mill pd and the pokes he is offering hardly worth 3 mill Scam lol don't fall for it for god's sake
  9. I have quite some pokes from there Ign - inevitable ,Adithya1234
  10. Looking for shiny unown 0 (zero) Offering good pokes from Ign- inevitable , Adithya1234
  11. until

    Didn't u leave the game sir!?
  12. You haven't put up anything yet message me in game ign - inevitable when u do
  13. Hello sirs Well I recieved a message in the chats asking me for password and claiming he would trade his for mine (I obviously didn't give) Ppl who are not experienced with the game shall fall for the trap I request u to take some legitimate action coz this kinda behaviour will lead to loss of acc of ignorant ppl https://imgur.com/a/fL750kR His Ign is- aashish_hero2 Ik it's in Hindi basically he is asking me for trading my acc password for his
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