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  1. i think i played 2012 or 2013 . maybe i played 2012 and my account deleted because v2
  2. i play pokemonvortex since 2014 or older. i have two account. i cant enter my account. i forgot my username or deleted. i entered last in 2014. my username is bdggg . i think v3 or v2 . how to fix ?
  3. slhttn

    Answered sorry.

    i fixed but my legendary is pokemon gone my all money. my poketops all is gone. how is get back all ?
  4. my e maill addresss slhttn.balci@hotmail.com if you want you check.  my e mail address changed.

    1. slhttn


      and my username is ntthls .


  5. how can change my e-mail addres without receiving a permission message ? i told him my password and he changed e mail address without receiving permission message. how is possible? this is wrong. changing e-mail message in all memberships comes to the registered mail adress. for ex. facebook twitter or all the membership.
  6. someone wrote me and said you want to buy my account. we agreed. he said he'd send money if i told him my password. i told him and he hacked my account. i have screenshot of our conversations. if you want i will send you.
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