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  1. I think theres no problem right now with the game but one thing I would like to see in the future is possibly something that could make legendaries, pseudolegendaries, etc more unique. Right now in the game the only thing Legendaries have are is how hard it is to catch them and also signature moves. I suggest like we could give them a one or two star based on their rarity and also possibly increase stats? We could also add quests unique to each legendary or give them special abilities( like in the real game) These are just ideas btw
  2. I know what you're thinking. Isn't there already a lottery? I know but this is a different one. Don't get me wrong. Im ok with the current lottery but i think a fun one would be better for the poorer trainers where they might actually win. Maybe we could have a different lottery option like the kind of game where u pay money and the wheels will spin. If you get all three right you get a prize. The prize depends on what the three pictures are e.g. three mews is event promocode.
  3. I agree. Its very annoying to bid on an auction just to find out that there was another auction selling at a lower price but you can't remove your bid
  4. This is a very good idea as my brother and I have separate accounts and want to trade avatars but everytime we try some person comes and outbids him on auctions...
  5. I think this a small one but ok when u make an auction the auction is spelled aution
  6. So I was looking for zumbar halloween right and I saw Patrick in munchlax skin. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to get something like that through side quests or something?
  7. True but have you taken into consideration that there might be people like me who has a brother who also plays the game and obviously we live in the same place so we use the same wifi address. This might accidently ban us
  8. Jus realised I have had 3 new posts in like 1 hour. (sorry patrick) Anyway, What if we had a pokemon league in vortex. Like if you jus started you'll be in like bronze league or something and slowly ,through battles, you can climb up to like diamond league or something. Than everytime you get into a new league you get money/avatars/fossils(hmmm another way other than sidequests...) /event pokes and so on. It would be good if it was live as well
  9. So lately I challenged my brother to battle me in pokemon vortex. He said ok and went and battled my team. Usually my team would be OP but the CPU makes it looks weak. For example my eternatus has dynamax cannon and it does like 313 damage but the CPU chose to use a move that is weak to the pokemon it was facing. I'm ok with this but sometimes it is just kinda annoying when people battle my team and thinks it is weak due to the CPU. I think it would be a good idea to add live pokemon battles. Like we could still keep the CPU one but we could have tournaments and play against actually smart op
  10. How about like in the real games, we could add a gigantamax-capable pokemon and a way to catch it. For example, duraludon is able to gigantamax right? So we go to a route with duraludon andwe could make it so that there is a small percentage of duraludon we encounter to be gigantamax capable. We could give it a sign(similiar to the seasonal thing patrick added) or we could make it a different level. yea... I hope patrick sees this and adds this because this would be a really cool way to add gigantamax pokemon because usually this type of things are usually made as events and that w
  11. Greedent + Lurantis at night shores end Tepig mudsbray ranch day Eternatus can also be found at night
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