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  1. I (maybe) (its now on pokebay) a Pikachu Christmas for trade lvl100 77k xp, who wants it?


  2. I can replay to my OWN topic xd
  3. The new Pikachu Halloween is a really fun creation because it looks like afrom the back and thats actually spooky if you know mimikyu is a faker congrstulations by edeting This new Pokemon I really like it
  4. Why the mega Stones don’t don’t come back in shop now everyone need buy them on pokebay and they will run out to so then nobody can get like mega houundoom and mega pidgeot and pokemon vortex v3 you could do that and with the come of v4 its All gone so can you place it back for a while?
  5. nature-

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    Sorry but what does This hunt do?
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