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  1. Selling below Promos for pds Shiny Arceus (Grass) Shiny Kyurem (Black) Selling Claimed, LF credits only! 1. Shiny Zygarde (Complete) x2 with 10m and 1m exp 2. Shiny Kyurem (Black) 800k exp 3. Dark Arceus (Grass) with 5m perfect exp 4. Shadow Arceus (Rock) 5. Shiny Tyrantrum Set will ber preferred to sell set by set, unless overpay 6. Caterpie (Christmas) Set, 7. Pikachu (Christmas) Set, 8. Raichu(Christmas) Set, 9. Diglett (Christmas) Set, 10. Rotom (Halloween) Set, 11. Pikachu (Jedi) Set, 12. Psyduck (Jar Jar) set, 13. Mystic+Metallic+Normal Cubone (Vader) Set
  2. I have ask for exp training from him, while we have end up agreed to the 1:3 rate of 9m pds for 3m exp training, after i offered him the poke(just a shiny map poke with my ot) he ask for extra pds since the exp training will earn hearts on my poke which thats not the deal we made, then i ask for cancel the deal as i dont feel good about him, but he did not reply my message while hes still online i both discord and pokemon vortex. @Patrick @flamescape please take action to this, i know its not any rare poke but at lease i dont want others to get into this issue in the furture Discord:
  3. ign: kawai0999 number: 13 as always fav poke: Zygarde (complete) for sure
  4. got shiny pichu, see if you do interested
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