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  1. furfrou is more rare than arceus unkown is because player's are playing this games from the start v1 and in v2 it was easy to get event pokemon and at that time most player's got all arceus form but at that time there was no furfrou because it release in v4 probably this is the reason
  2. what exactly you want for your kyurem white?
  3. looking for froakie set offering legend for each froakie
  4. need dexoys speed and zygard complete offering 8 uniques interest? only offering which are on your list
  5. i also mentioned those pokemon which are on your list
  6. i have this spare pokemon shiny mime jr. mystic scatterbug mystic wurmple mystic mareep mystic/shadow vulpix
  7. check my account you want something because i have so many unique pokemon = resurrectionf
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