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  1. Ign -jamesbond 1) Shiny 2) zapdos, moltres and articuno 3) Garchomp 4) Jamesbond (myself) 5) Cynthia 6) Dragonite
  2. My ign -jamesbond Can I have a thundurus therian?
  3. sure, i would message u all in game regarding trade
  4. Sorry, is not a valuable pokemon
  5. Hello everyone, I have following pokes up for trade and other tons of unique legendaries, events as well feel free to connect with me my ign - jamesbond
  6. IGN-jamesbond Hoping to get my hands on pokes from high or middle tier Thanks
  7. Hello Bro Mewtwo evolution is a very rare Pokemon, I can't give it to you for just some unique legendary which can be easily bought at auction
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