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  1. IGN-jamesbond Hoping to get my hands on pokes from high or middle tier Thanks
  2. Hello Bro Mewtwo evolution is a very rare Pokemon, I can't give it to you for just some unique legendary which can be easily bought at auction
  3. Hello, my following Pokemons are up for trade And many more Kindly msg me in game if you want any My ign -jamesbond
  4. We have to post our ign here on every next week? If yes then my ign -jamesbond
  5. Jamesbond, hope I get a shiny necrozma
  6. Bro the thing you are looking for is already available in discord
  7. If u want to purchase meltan candies you can get one at cheap 8 meltan candies are available only at 1million
  8. Shiny kyurem black or white can't be hunted on maps
  9. Pls find a shiny Squirtle and shiny bulbasaur for me
  10. Hey, i am interested in your Pokemons Message me in game Ign -jamesbond
  11. Can u hunt shiny Squirtle, shiny charmander and shiny bulbasaur for me? Please tell me your price
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