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  1. Sorry I was bored of pokemon for a while, but today I went into my account and saw that I got a lot of good trade offers and now I have some pokemons for you . I will offer you some thingies, accept if you're ok
  2. btw, I offered 3 trades, so accept them if you're ok with them.
  3. Hi I give you: Vivillon (Garden) for your Darkrai ------ Also I give you: Vivillon (High Plains) Vivillon (Modern) Vivillon (Elegant) for your Cosmog ------ Also: Shadow Vivillon (Garden) for your Diancie (Mega) Already offered Darkrai and Diancie one, but can't find your Cosmog (btw why is Rotom listed as legendary? Sorry, if Im wrong, but I thought that Rotom was rare pokemon)
  4. Hello again! I got some new pokemons for you! Metallic Bunnelby (Level 6) Mystic Fletchling (Level 8) Meowstic (M) (Level 25) for your Celebi -------------- Also I want to offer Vivillon (Icy Snow) (Level 12) and Shadow Vivillon (Icy Snow) (Level 44) for your Jirachi -------------- And I want to offer Froakie (Level 30) Dark Swirlix (Level 12) Shiny Vivillon (Archipelago) (Level 15) Gourgeist (Large) (Level 46) Gourgeist (Super) (Level 45) for your Cosmog (If possible) (I already offered you
  5. What do you mean by Good-Good? I have some shiny and unique pokemon that I can trade. btw can I have Charmander, please?
  6. Is Metallic Zigzagoon (Level 6 / 3,000exp) (normal type) ok? Sorry if I misunderstood your offer.
  7. Hello I have: Shiny Igglybuff Shiny Passimian Shiny Skarmory (All common) What pokemon would you like to trade?
  8. If you mean I give you all those pokemons, and you give me Event Deoxys, then Im ok with this trade
  9. I want your Shiny Honedge. I have a Shiny Drilbur for you. Ok?
  10. You mean Pichu with Christmas hat or Deoxys (Attack/Defence/Speed) for all these Pokemon that I named?
  11. Hello! I would like to trade some pokemon! I want to trade: I want to get: You can give me any of these: Unique Flabebe (Any color) Unique Binacle Unique Honedge Unique Doublade Unique Aegislash (Blade) Unique Aegislash (Shield) Normal or Unique Vivillon (Any color, but NO Archipelago) Shadow Noibat Any Shiny Starter Pokemon Normal or Shadow Charmander Normal, Shadow or Shiny Porygon My In Game Name is Nikirol. All Pokemon that I want to trade ar
  12. I have Level 11 Normal Pumpkaboo (Average) And Level 8 Mystic Pumpkaboo (Small) And Level 17 Mystic Vivillon (Archipelago) Also got Shiny Honedge (Level 40 - ready to evolve) What pokemons can we trade?
  13. Do you want Shadow Grimer? I saw your list of pokemons you want, so I hunted for them and found that one. Do you still look for it or you found this poke already? If you want this poke, then what pokes can we trade?
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