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  1. Well you do have an advantage when fighting ai because you get first pick. The computer can't pick pokes to counter yours so you'll always get super effective attacks in.
  2. Does anyone know how long it takes for a gift card to be delivered to a recipient?
  3. Recently a friend has brought to me the attention that I've been earning half points from claiming codes and training lvl 6 and 7 immunes? Claiming a cosmog code = 100 pts lvl 6-7 immune battles = 35-50 pts Battling using a lvl 100 poke gives only 3pts/battle while the value should be around 10pts/battle This morning we tested the code claiming further by claiming 2 codes with pokes not present in my box -Claiming a pikachu (belle) gave about 1.5K pts increase -claiming a keldeo (resolute) gave 200K pts -claiming a litleo gave near 1K pts
  4. Full heals only heal the poke from negative status effects like burn, sleep, etc... You want hyper and super potions for HP healing.
  5. Go to discord and type in !Whois <insertuser> in the #bot-commands channel
  6. Don't waste your time here. Starzee had his poke stolen from this guy and the trainer's account is banned. Speak to Saber and Starzee for more details. @Rebirth @BlackIronMan5
  7. It may be in your brother's best interest to remake an account
  8. Have you tried typing in dark suicune and mystic magikarp manually in the change your team search box?
  9. Hey enjoy the holidays man.I'll post more event pokemon give-aways in the future. Keep tuned.
  10. Thanks all for participating! There were too many good ones so I entrusted the lotto picker to help us out. Below are the winners for the contest: Winning ticket...yada yada... First Place = @holmes4869 Second Place = @iWasted1Hack Third Place = @Drakomire Fourth Place = @Alpha37 @iWasted1Hack your messages are disabled. Please enable. Please ring me a message to keep in contact. I'll also message you individually shortly. EDIT: Due to the generous donation of Drakomire, the third place price is now null. A 5th Place winner
  11. All Gym battles and all Battle Facilities. That's it.
  12. Like I said...he might know your email details which is why he can login to your vortex account. Change your email password too.
  13. Tis the season to be jolly...

    Fa la la la la la la la laaa~~~

  14. Did you tell him your password prior to this? I don't see how he can login if you already changed your password...unless he hacked your email. As a safety precaution, change your email password too.
  15. I believe you can only find Articuno in the snow maps (22 & 23) and Zapdos in the Electric maps (16 & 17). Check the pokemon location guide here: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location
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