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  1. I believe you can only find Articuno (22 & 23) in the snow maps and Zapdos in the Electric maps (16 & 17). Check the pokemon location guide here: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location
  2. Dunno if you're still looking to trade but I want one of the following: Mystic Tapu Bulu, Mystic Tapu Koko or Mystic Tapu Lele I got
  3. His offer indeed seemed way too good to be true. Pressing F to all the victims here...
  4. @akikaze I want your mystic arceus ice for: and mystic tornadus therian for: Also open to adding more shinies to the offer. PM ign @iwamineshuu
  5. Now if you still remember the email, for gmail you can click on "forgot password" and verify identity by phone. You'll then get a link to change it. After recovering your legit email, go back to vortex and click on forgot password and reset it.
  6. I can't find OP's userid in game anymore. Did he get banned?
  7. Then I would advise to give Patrick or one of the admins a ring and ask them to check which email you used, then go to forgot password in the google accounts page and verify by phone to reset your password. Afterwards, you can come back to vortex and reset your pass for the game here.
  8. Eventually it'll be set to answered by admins
  9. Hey no probs, we all have bad days
  10. Looking at your profile badges I can see you're missing a battle from the Alola Island Kahunas. That's why you aren't catching any legends. Try battling all the alola gym leaders again (Hala, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu) and see if you get the green message now.
  11. On the keyboard press "print screen" or "prt sc" then go to paint and paste. Save it as a pic and upload here.
  12. Could ya give a screen shot of the message?
  13. If you beat all the gyms, and battle facilities you should be able to catch legends. They just rarely appear on the map is all.
  14. Hmm that's gonna be tough without your email. I know for gmail if you forgot your password, you can usually recover it by phone verification. What email did you use to sign up? Gmail? Outlook? Yahoo?
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