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  1. Tis the season to be jolly...

    Fa la la la la la la la laaa~~~

  2. Did you tell him your password prior to this? I don't see how he can login if you already changed your password...unless he hacked your email. As a safety precaution, change your email password too.
  3. I believe you can only find Articuno in the snow maps (22 & 23) and Zapdos in the Electric maps (16 & 17). Check the pokemon location guide here: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location
  4. Dunno if you're still looking to trade but I want one of the following: Mystic Tapu Bulu, Mystic Tapu Koko or Mystic Tapu Lele I got
  5. His offer indeed seemed way too good to be true. Pressing F to all the victims here...
  6. @akikaze I want your mystic arceus ice for: and mystic tornadus therian for: Also open to adding more shinies to the offer. PM ign @iwamineshuu
  7. Now if you still remember the email, for gmail you can click on "forgot password" and verify identity by phone. You'll then get a link to change it. After recovering your legit email, go back to vortex and click on forgot password and reset it.
  8. I can't find OP's userid in game anymore. Did he get banned?
  9. Then I would advise to give Patrick or one of the admins a ring and ask them to check which email you used, then go to forgot password in the google accounts page and verify by phone to reset your password. Afterwards, you can come back to vortex and reset your pass for the game here.
  10. Eventually it'll be set to answered by admins
  11. Hey no probs, we all have bad days
  12. Looking at your profile badges I can see you're missing a battle from the Alola Island Kahunas. That's why you aren't catching any legends. Try battling all the alola gym leaders again (Hala, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu) and see if you get the green message now.
  13. On the keyboard press "print screen" or "prt sc" then go to paint and paste. Save it as a pic and upload here.
  14. Could ya give a screen shot of the message?
  15. If you beat all the gyms, and battle facilities you should be able to catch legends. They just rarely appear on the map is all.
  16. Hmm that's gonna be tough without your email. I know for gmail if you forgot your password, you can usually recover it by phone verification. What email did you use to sign up? Gmail? Outlook? Yahoo?
  17. Series of awesome Pokemon pick-up lines 1) Are you a Pikachu? Because you are shockingly beautiful. 2) I think I need a Paralyze Heal because you are stunningly beautiful. 3) Hey wanna register your number on my Poke-Nav? 4) There's plenty of Magikarp in the sea but none as beautiful as a Gyrados
  18. It's actually kinda messed up if you think about it. There's quite a few references made in the actual Pokemon anime. 1) The meat they were eating were pokemon meat in Episode 15 2) References to Magikarp sashimi in Episode 16 3) A crazy lady who wants to cook up Tentacools in Episode 18 4) More Magikarp abuse in Episode 26 5) Farfetch'd Soup in Episode 46 6) Team Rocket wanting to eat scrambled Togepi in episode 47 7) In episode 55 Ash indirectly hints at wanting to eat Misty's Horsea 8) Team Rocket digging up Shellders and Meowth fantasizing about eating Shellder soup in Episode 63 and 80 9) Forgot the actual episode but there were incidents when Team Rocket hinted eating Slowpoke Tail or selling it on the black market. Also, about the pokemon eating other pokemon thing...it's rather obvious that they'd eat themselves. Pokemon are based off of animals mostly and they are the animals of their world. It wouldn't be surprising for a Pidgeot to eat a caterpie or an Arbok to eat a cute and adorable Bunnelby.
  19. There's a few ways of earning... 1) You can refer to this thread for training your lower level pokemon: You'll earn a decent amount of money after each battle. Usually over 10K if you train low leveled pokemon but at some point you'll earn way less once the pokemon is higher in level. For example level 100 pokemon usually get 3000EXP and around 1500 money per battle with the training accounts. 2) Frequently you'll be awarded money from daily login rewards. 3) If you manage to capture a rare pokemon, you can try selling on the auction house. The min price you can potentially get is 25K money per sell. 4) Or you could go the real world money route and actually buy mystery boxes from the Store. A box can typically give you anywhere from 25K to 1 Million. 5) Some people try offering EXP training for another player in exchange for money. It's a hit or miss really.
  20. Unlike legendaries you can find starters without beating the gyms but it'll usually take a lot of grinding unless you luck out on the map or the odd auction house/trade. Adding on to @waybig you can also find vortex balls in daily login if you somehow get a lucky mystery box. The other new pokeball is the beast ball which you can get from doing sidequests. It also has a 100% capture rate against ultra beasts.
  21. As seen in the main game, we know there's certain weather events such as rainy storms, hail, intense sunlight, sandstorm, etc... -The rain increases water-type damage and decreases fire type. Electric and wind (flying) type moves get higher accuracy. -Hail chips off the health of pokemon after each turn. Ice types are buffed. -Intense sunlight improves fire type moves, reduce water type efficiency, and everyone is immune to freezing -Sandstorms improve rock, steel, ground types, increase chance of pokemon to miss more. It would certainly be interesting if the overworld generated random weathers or battles randomly generated weather to improve pokemon exp grinding and battling in general. Of course normal weather battles are also present too and more predominant.
  22. Looking for and and able to offer the majority of pokes on my profile (not trades).
  23. Hi Patrick,


    Just now when a buddy of mine and I tried to Login to our respective accounts we were given this message:


    "Your session has expired and you have been logged out automatically."



    1. Patrick


      It should be fixed now.

    2. iwamineshuu


      Much appreciated.

    3. TheRealKyubi


      Patrick, I kinda want to tell you that SWSH have come out and you haven't added Gen 8 Pokemon. Also, shinies are way too easy to get. Can you make it harder?

  24. 1) Download the image 2) Open up paint or past some text/images in powerpoint and save the edited version as a picture. 3) Upload pic to imgur or related site. 4) Paste the picture url here as seen on the topic example.
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