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  1. Hey can you provide me a let me know what you want in return. IGN - Starzy
  2. Hey bro cam you catch me do not level it up (note that its shiny) I will pay you 3.3m pkds
  3. I need a . Let me know what you would like 4 it
  4. I would like 1m exp added on my and I will pay you 950k pkds as you asked. I sent you a request in game IGN - Starzy and ask for it when you are free.
  5. Avoid double posting just ping the mods they will adjust it @sportsandmusic69
  6. The answer to your question is you cant because you did not abide by the Terms of Service (TOS), so just make a fresh start without using third party apps.
  7. Encouraging the fact that vortex has not been a copy or has taken ideas form other official online games or be it fan made, creating something like pro mode/ hard mode as you say doesn't satisfy the reason for the existence for vortex for about a decade. Something like that would really decrease the value of the other variants, because most people will be going for the shiny ones of course and for the idea you asked about is probably going to be time consuming. Lastly without any symbol specifying whether the poke is caught from the event or not, it makes a simple path for scamming... So I wont like this feature to be implemented.
  8. Hey I have and which you can evolve into how much exp can you train
  9. Hey change my offer to a shadow necrozma I will offer you with 7.5m pds and 25k extra if you rename it
  10. Then change the meowth to
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