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  1. Hey patrick, I need your help

    Could you pls tell me, whats the email adress of one of my accounts? The IGN is: skayney


  2. yea okey. But I cant message Patrick on Discord. And the admins are slow in reacting. Maybe there was a fast and maybe an easier way.
  3. 2 years ago I had an account with all my pokemons on it. And I recently started playing PV again. But I no longer know what password I had and I no longer know my email address. Can someone help me with this.
  4. I have for you 2x metallic ralts and a shadow Fullaby. Will you give your metallic Darkrown for it?
  5. I have for you a shiny shelder and a shiny krabby And i have shiny beedrill, ekans, growlith 2, onix, geodude and slowpoke
  6. I have a metallic Ralts for you. Will you give your metallic Darkrown for it? IGN: Salamence100
  7. No. I never did. But i had a maybe a weak password. I thought he was good enough, but unfortunately not.
  8. I got scammed by Lmtsy. He stole many pokemon of my. Can I pls get all my pokemon back? https://imgur.com/a/550dKvf Here are screenshots of the account and of a few pokemon's of my. They are not the best. But they are from me. And i want them pls back.
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