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  1. ik but i want to know if anyone noticed anything about it, i remember last logging in on november 5th
  2. So on my old account called XredgamingYt i obtained good pokemon and wanted to see if it was hacked as my login did not work, i have a new account but want to know. If you have seen it online since 2018 please let me know. my account is Xred09 now.
  3. ign xred09 i have won one cosmog and it was lunala, hoping for another to get solgaleo!
  4. ign is Xred09 No cosmogs won yet so hoping i get the next!
  5. k i will, gonna work on it right now
  6. Cant insert text but idc so since bellsprout has pokedex number 69, ill just do that my in game username is xred09
  7. Closed due to not having time to hunt. sorry.
  8. 934? Ign:XRED09 Pokemon:Mega Rayquaza (if not than necrozma.)
  9. Xred09

    Universal TRADE

    I want the giratina
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