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  1. Ur offer?? Any fair offer will be accepted
  2. bale2001

    Uniques Shadow grass

    I hv a shadow arceus grass for trade... If u hv doubt check ign:bale2001.... Looking for good offers for it... Hv a nice day
  3. Lol deleting my comments... Lol
  4. How to do it plzz tell me
  5. So wht do u basically want for it??
  6. Its cool but I hv already traded it away..
  7. Be reasonable u know it's value still u gave genesect ice
  8. Give me a good unique event.... I shall accept it's in my trade anyway
  9. Unique event or exp
  10. Sry bro u don't hv anything that I like
  11. Lol even if u give everything from it I won't accept lol...
  12. I want shiny groudon primal.. Check my ign bale2001 if u find something interesting??
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