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    Answered discord

    i cant login on discord anymore, i dont know why but it says that the invite link doesnt exist anymore or im not allowed to be there anymore, i have no clue why i would not be allowed anymore, cause i didnt have broken any rules, yesterday i was still in discord and now it doesnt find my email anymore... please help.
  2. hello patrick or sportsandmusic69

    i have a issue with discord, i just got home from work and it wont let me go to discord server, its showing that invite is no longer exist or i dont have the right to be there anymore,


    so i really dont know what happend cause yesterday i was still in there with no issues, troubles or broken the rules, today i havent log in on discord cause after i woke up i only took a coffee and then i went to work, and just got home could you please answer this or look at it cause this is really strange

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