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  1. Ft:Shadow munchlax


    Lf:exp training

    (500k exp)

  2. Trade me 12 lvl 100 pokemon for my lunala Offer it on ign;shanechan
  3. I want a pokemon that has 500k exp
  4. Now trade your pokemon on the lunala and add me first then message me
  5. I need a pokemon that has 500k exp up for a lunala
  6. I want a pokemon that has 500k exp up for the lunala
  7. Trading: Blaziken(mega) Lunala Steelix(mega) swampert(mega) Camerupt Shiny tropius(lvl 92) Shiny flygon Lf:any lvl 100 unique pokemon
  8. Looking for exp trainers

  9. Shiny barbaracle for your mega latios and shiny phanthump
  10. Shadow lugia for my burmy steel
  11. Mega latios and shiny phanthump for my mega swampert
  12. My mega blaziken for 500k how many exp?
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