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  1. Oh i see, thanks a lot for that quick answer. that would mean completing the Alolan pokemons before going to galar
  2. Hi! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, just wondering if you've past through Alolan region and on Galar Region on side quests now, can you still encounter an Alolan pokemon? or you would need to reset sidequest and reach Alolan region again? Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for your comment on this. I've put a new link for the revision
  4. Hi guys, just want to share this live map that I created for pokemonvortex v5. I've been using this for some time now to quickly decide where should I explore next. I also added some of the rare pokemon on each route/location for easy scanning of what you wanna catch. https://ibb.co/8cR8yyw Hope you guys like it! Just message/add me in-game. IGN: Yui-
  5. Hi guys! sorry I've been very busy this past few months, so this post is a bit outdated but please check my PKMN trades in-game and offer. I'm online every weekdays in the mornings and afternoon GMT+8. I'll just decide if I'd accept it or not. Thanks! Just message/add me in-game. click my IGN for my trade list: >> Yui- <<
  6. I'm using Google Chrome in Windows 8.1 Pro. The thing is, I can connect with no problem on my phone using Data connection. But when I'm using our internet on PC at home, I get stuck on white screen. My brother said maybe because we're using a proxy server connection and I'm not very much familiar with it. Does it have to do with that? Thanks so much!
  7. Hi guys! just want to ask if you're familiar with this kind of error in live map. My live map is always stuck on white screen and I can't seem to load the live map.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! IGN: Yui-
  8. Hi! Do you want to trade in the game? My ign is Captaincam1

  9. Hi! can i trade my to your or ? If you're looking for more pokemon options, please check my post for my other trades.
  10. Hi, i'm really sorry but i don't do that kind of trading anymore.
  11. Hi! sorry i don't have a spare shiny eevee for trade. you can check my trade list for other pokemons you might like.
  12. Hi! Is this post still active? if so, i'd like to request for aI'll offer 100k for this. Thank you!
  13. Hi guys! just want to tell you that I'm back again and this post is up and this trade post is up and runnig again
  14. Hi! please just pm your with regards to trading. Thanks!
  15. Hi! you only got 7 pokemons why would you want a ditto?
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