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  1. Hi! if you want to trade with my Dark Mew, you also need to offer a unique legendary/unique rare for it. Message me in-game whichever you can offer.
  2. Hi! okay, i've already added you in-game. I'd love to trade with your Shadow Umbreon but please choose on my pokemon listed here whichever you wanna trade. I update it everyday, Thanks!
  3. I only accept Unique Leggies/Rare that i don't have for my 20x Lv100 pkmns, Please add me in-game so you can check my list.
  4. Hi! sorry i've already edited my post, i'm not accepting pokedollars now, if ever you still need 20x lv100 pkmns just message me your offer here or in-game.
  5. Got it! if ever you need anything else just message me here or in-game.
  6. Hi! anything from this list of your pokemon will do: Metallic Cyndaquil Mettalic Diancie Metallic Entei Metallic Ho-oh I've already added you in-game, just offer any of those on my Dark Genesect in my trade list. Also, if you need anything else please ask me. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I'd like to trade with this pokemon on your trade list: Metallic lopunny Metallic glaceon Just tell me which pokemon do you need on my list here. Also, i'd like to trade with your other pokemons; Shadow Rayquaza (mega) Dark Groudon Shadow Primarina Cosmoem If this are available for trade, just message me whichever you like on my trade list. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, i received your message but which pokemon do you need? and which pokemon do you offer?
  9. Yeah, the pokemons i posted are all for trade, what do you offer for it? You can message/add me in-game so we can discuss it more. my IGN: Yui-
  10. Hi Ghost! I also love trading, you can check my post regarding my trades, if you like anything just message me here on in-game. Thanks! By the way my IGN is: Yui-
  11. Hi guys! just saw this on someone's profile in-game; [VORTEX-BOT-AUTHORISE-32DDE3ED] What does this mean? is this just a troll? or is he authorized to use third party application? Thanks~!
  12. I don't get it, why would you wanna turn off finding legendaries?
  13. Hi! I'd like to have one of these from your pokemon list: Shadow Sarkrai Shadow Darkrown Shadow Entei whichever you wanna give. Thanks!
  14. *List updated, kindly check my list for trades, i accept any pokemon that i don't have. Just message/add me in-game. IGN: Yui-
  15. Hi! Do you still do the 4 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Normal Legendary/Rare 2 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Shiny Common If so, i'm interested on trading my Lvl6 immunes, message me in-game with regards to this. Thanks!
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