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  1. I don't get it, why would you wanna turn off finding legendaries?
  2. Hi! I'd like to have one of these from your pokemon list: Shadow Sarkrai Shadow Darkrown Shadow Entei whichever you wanna give. Thanks!
  3. *List updated, kindly check my list for trades, i accept any pokemon that i don't have. Just message/add me in-game. IGN: Yui-
  4. Hi! Do you still do the 4 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Normal Legendary/Rare 2 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Shiny Common If so, i'm interested on trading my Lvl6 immunes, message me in-game with regards to this. Thanks!
  5. Hi! can you add me in-game? I'd accept any unique leggies/rare that i don't have for that.
  6. Is it normal variant? If so, maybe 1 unique legendary.
  7. Sure, is your username in-game also sniperwolf58901? add me in-game so we can trade. Thanks!
  8. 24/7 POKEMON TRADES (Updated Daily) IGN: Yui- Please add friend/message me online. These are the Pokemons I have right now for Trade, so feel free to give offers on my trade page. DARK: SHINY: MYSTIC: SHADOW: METALLIC: NORMAL STARTERS / RARES / LEGENDARIES: I also trade; *My 20x Lv100 pokemon to your 1x Unique Leggies/Pokedollars *My Lv6 immunes to your Unique pokemons/Pokedollars Just message/add me in-game. IGN: Yui-
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