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  1. Hi! you only got 7 pokemons why would you want a ditto?
  2. I've already message you in-game for my offer.
  3. Hi! yeah, i've already accepted your offers on my Rayquaza (Mega) and Groudon. But I can't accept your offer on my Mystic Mew.
  4. how about the Dark Shaymin? i'd take it if you trade these 3.
  5. Hi! sorry but the deal is all 4 of the pokemon i chose from your list to my 24 pokemons that you chose.
  6. Hi! i've already added you in-game and checked your pokemon list. I'll trade all of those pokemon you chose for these 4 pokemon of yours. Dark Chespin = 6 of your chosen unique pokemon Dark Chimchar =6 of your chosen unique pokemon Dark Shaymin = 6 of your chosen unique pokemon Dark Vivilion (Marine) = 6 of your chosen unique pokemon Message me here or in-game if you're okay with it. Thank you!
  7. what do you mean, any pokemon up for trade? haven't you see my post on first page?
  8. Hi! already message you in-game but you still don't reply there. Do you still want my Shaodw Hitmontop? you really have good pokemon on your list but i don't think my shadow hitmontop would be enough to offer on those. I'm hoping you can trade your porygon with it, if its okay. thanks!
  9. Hi! sorry i already have a Shiny Drakrai, but if ever you have a Dark/Metallic/Mystic Darkrai, i'll trade it with you.
  10. Sure, all pokemon i posted here are for trade. What do you offer for this?
  11. Hi! if you want to trade with my Dark Mew, you also need to offer a unique legendary/unique rare for it. Message me in-game whichever you can offer.
  12. Hi! okay, i've already added you in-game. I'd love to trade with your Shadow Umbreon but please choose on my pokemon listed here whichever you wanna trade. I update it everyday, Thanks!
  13. I only accept Unique Leggies/Rare that i don't have for my 20x Lv100 pkmns, Please add me in-game so you can check my list.
  14. Hi! sorry i've already edited my post, i'm not accepting pokedollars now, if ever you still need 20x lv100 pkmns just message me your offer here or in-game.
  15. Got it! if ever you need anything else just message me here or in-game.
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