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  1. Hello Dev team, Kudos to Ur job on the maps. I am short of words for the effort u have put in. Quite a good addition and commendable work i found out one issue tho- unavailablity to navigate the maps easily. I mean find where u are and navigate. i would suggest a live map (like a map icon on the top right of the screen or something) and we can see where we are standing and the whole area as a whole so we can decide our route and navigate. Also a luxury addition can be setting a area as "destination" and it acts like a navigator , very similar to Google maps etc. A red line Which shows the shortest possible direction towards your destination can solve a lot of problems also if we could probably change the Pokédex location entries and make it understable to all it would help the new ppl joining in thanks for the update once again I have been with vortex from v4- v5 ,hope it continues more
  2. Auction id- 0002999045 pokeball is up ^
  3. Auction id- 0002999045 pokeball is up ^
  4. Pls check ign- adithya1234 and gimme a fair deal . U can choose normal events from ign- inevitable_events too
  5. Also when would the giveaway end?
  6. Hello pv mod team Today when I tried to use my forum acc to comment of report threads my content gets coloured as red and it shows "hidden" and content to be approved by moderator i have never posted any content which was offensive so why has my acc become like this? a reply and solution would be appreciated thanks for ur time reading this and possibly solving
  7. Hope u do know that fake giveaways will end up in u getting banned so u did better not pull tricks
  8. @flamescapei feel the acc the poke was "sold" to is maybe his alt so jus check the ip of both accs :/ Try to help him with his poke or at the very least take action against the scammer cause these ppl literally take out Ur mood to play the game. I don't understand who gives them the gall to sell stolen pokemon Hope u help him out :)
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