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  1. ah nice, i was starting to think there wasn't really anyone else around from back then! while i love ghost types, i'm not interested in rotom form alts, sorry my dude.
  2. sounds good! i'll put my magicarp up for trade then let you know!
  3. Oh dang! yeah i'd love to have them, what would you like?
  4. im-ed you in game about it. thought i had it figured out but i suppose not i want to be sure you get your pokemon though!
  5. alrighty i think i figured it out, all three should be offered!
  6. yeah, sound good, just list your delphox for trade when you're ready
  7. ok! could you list them when you're ready?
  8. sure! still want the sableye and abra? i'm down to add one more since you've been a chill dude
  9. aces! i put my shiny crabrawler up for trade for you just offer your mystic absol when you're ready! my ign is GhostIndeedee
  10. ooo i love absol! what would you like for her? owo ign = in game name
  11. you got it my man! whats your ign?
  12. sure! do you want one more pokemon for them since they are a high level?
  13. Mmm different spawn rates so no, sorry my dude.
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