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  1. Hi i want tapu fini and arceus plz
  2. Hi I want eevee x8(normal or any u want
  3. Can you hunt scatterbug X 20
  4. i want all eeveelution ( normal or unique is your choice)
  5. i want normal yveltal for 10 unique normal
  6. articuno and tapu fini plz
  7. Shiny xerneas plz I have mystic palkia for trade Plz message me IGN:cabietbay Thanks
  8. I I have message To U But I Didn't GET any Answer Pls Message Me My Username is:cabietbay
  9. . I have How can i give u pd after trade. Can u message me?my username :cabietbay Can u catch a xerneas active
  10. I'ma new player and sorry because im late but i can do some job
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