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  1. Hey guys, A bunch of rare, unique, legendary and Megas put up for Trade. IGN: Juddapajji123 If you have serious offers, DM me. Looking ONLY for pokemon I don't have and willing to swap equals (Mega for Mega, legendary for legendary).
  2. Is this still active? I've made a few offers
  3. Zygarde is a part ground type. It is immune to electric Pokemon available in Training accounts only.
  4. Level 6 Immnues are Pokemon that are completely immune to a certain other pokemon that can be found in Training accounts. These pokemon are at Level 6, hence the "lvl 6". That is the lowest level pokemon available on Vortex. The idea is that when one trains these pokemon by battling against Training accounts, one stands to earn a lump sum amount of Poke$, as the lowest level pokemon beat Level 100 opponents without fail. So, a good battle can help one earn even as much as PD 60,000 or more at one go.
  5. Hi, I'm offering a variety of Lvl 6 Immunes in exchange for Rare/Legendary Pokemon. I willing to give 3 Lvl 6 Immunes for 1 rare/legendary. Find me at IGN: Pointbreak434 if interested. Thanks!


    I'm offering a variety of Lvl 6 Immunes in return for rare or legendary Pokemon. 

    Willing to give 3 Immnues for 1 rare/legendary.


    Msg me at IGN: Pointbreak434 if interested. Thanks!

  7. Hi, Getting this message when I try to log in to Pokemon Vortex. It was working fine till a few minutes ago. Error 522 Ray ID: 57c8f1dd6d24dd8f • 2020-03-31 09:12:16 UTC Connection timed out You Browser Working Singapore Cloudflare Working www.pokemon-vortex.com Host Error
  8. Anyone looking for uniques? (and soon legendary pokemon too!).. DM me
  9. I am also open to sales at the right price.
  10. Hi all, I have a bunch of normal, rare and legendaries. Feel free to get in touch or DM me for trades!
  11. Ok. I'll try to get that to you.
  12. Ok. I'll try to get that to you.
  13. Ok. I'll try to get that to you.
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