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  1. will there be a may 4th event this year???
  2. Ok so you know how there are pokemon that you can get in the discord quiz right. how are we supposed to do that when it says that it needs a phone number to verify something. I don't have a phone with minutes on it so how I supposed to do the quiz to get certain pokemon?
  3. check my pokemon on my profile and what ever your interested in Private message me to see if its up for trade and i'll teel you if it is and we can make an arrangement or if you want money i can give it and or xp?!?!?!?!?
  4. I was wondering Which pokemon is better or ???
  5. How many avatars are there?
  6. Does anyone else wish that when you catch a normal pokemon that there was a stone that lets you change them to a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow. but when you already have a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow the stone doesnt work and it only works when it is a normal.
  7. I was Wondering What was the strongest pokemon, not the strongest team, just the strongest pokemon.
  8. I will get you a pokemon, i will level up your pokemon for more than 25k Just Pm Me
  9. How do you become a premium account?
  10. I look at my badges and I see special and there are 6 that are grey (not done). I am wondering how do you get them so that they are done?
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