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  1. is there a way to get an avatar besides getting one from the daily calendar???
  2. Does anyone else wish that when you catch a normal pokemon that there was a stone that lets you change them to a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow. but when you already have a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow the stone doesnt work and it only works when it is a normal.
  3. I was Wondering What was the strongest pokemon, not the strongest team, just the strongest pokemon.
  4. I will get you a pokemon, i will level up your pokemon for more than 25k Just Pm Me
  5. How do you become a premium account?
  6. I look at my badges and I see special and there are 6 that are grey (not done). I am wondering how do you get them so that they are done?
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