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  1. Offering regular Guzzlord - looking for regular Ultra Beast that I don't have Also offering 2 Dark kyurems - looking for unique legendaries that I don't have Also also offering blaziken mega, latias mega, latios mega, venusaur mega - looking for Mega pokemon I don't have
  2. Which one are you interested in and what is your offer?
  3. Hi all, I have some starters, rare, legendary and unique Pokemon up for trade. 99% of them are Lvl 100. Check them out ping me if something interests you @Juddapajji123 - I'm looking for like-for-like trade (if possible). That means I'd like to get at least a Mega evolution Pokemon in return for a Mega evolution, legendary for legendary and so on. - Only the Pokemon that I have listed are available for trade right now. - Please send serious offers only. Don't offer Pichu (Notched) for my Kyogre (yes, this happened for real once!) Here is a list of Pokemon I have put up for trade: Azelfx 4, Blastoise (Mega), Blaziken (Mega)x 2, Chesnaught, Electivirex 2 Genesectx 3, Greninja, Groudon, Incineroar, Kyogrex 3 Latias (Mega) , Latios (Mega) , Lugia , Lycanroc (Midnight) x 3 Mespritx 2, Moltres , Rayquaza (Mega) , Rotomx 2 Sawsbuck (Autumn), Sawsbuck (Spring) , Sawsbuck (Winter) x 2, Sawsbuck (Summer) Shaymin (Sky)x 2, Tapu Bulu x 3, Tornadus , Virizion x 3 Vivillon (Jungle)x 2, Vivillon (Marine) x 3, Vivillon (Monsoon) Yveltal (Shadow) , Yveltal (Mystic) , Yveltal (Normal)x 6 Zekrom
  4. Anybody willing to buy/sell/trade pokemon? Do get in touch with me. @Juddapajji123
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