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  1. @flamescape wdym evade ban ?
  2. For the quiz can you please get rid of phone verification . A lot of players cant play bc of it and it will become a lot more popular if you did. Maybe you can change phone verification to email verification instead ? pls help us !!!! #riseup
  3. This is up to the Mods and he can simply be lying. Stop being a snitch and enjoy the game. This is none of your business.
  4. Gl man I was banned for scamming even though i never scammed sad... anyway gl man hope the best.
  5. Dude i got banned pls help me.

    i have put yrs worth of effort.

  6. Chat bar disappeared after i clicked a person name and then what happened was when i logged back out and then back in it was nowhere to be seen.
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