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  1. How abt Siblings can account share its not like their gonna push their brother to top 1
  2. They have their on user logins on their family computer their not gonna share the same user login for the computer and if they do whats the chance of one of them playing pokemon vortex let alone both .
  3. On a public libary u needa log into ur libary acc and after like 1 hr ur thing expires so yeahhhh and also who thinks someone gonna go on someone computer and out of all the games that r there there gonna searhc pokemon vortex HAHAHHA they will prob search minecraft or smt so no need to worry
  4. LOL how will u get into ur friends email u can send as much codes as u want but u will never log in without the code haha
  5. K then Im thinking to get rid of passwords and make a vortex id u need to send a code to ur email to log in every time but u dont log out automatically u stay logged in this would reinforce what i said before and could help a lot.
  6. When I mean account Sharing i mean with different people not the same person on different accs, i mean like ppl paying other ppl to get their acc to number 1 in the world and etc. And to detect a VPN u should see whether u can reach the country their using a vpn for to the country their in rn and detect the time it takes to travel for example if it like 14hr then its not acc sharing. But if it's constatntly going from usa and india u can detect its account sharing. I suggest u check games that have this place such as Clash Royale etc these games have this, and there is no problem with logging
  7. No I mean like if their ips constantly the same ip in different countries because when you use vpn the ip changes and it definetly wont be the same all the time. Also ofc all the users wont be from the same country be realistic. But if the person their acc sharing with is from the same country if their are 2 different ips logging onto the games at different times you can tell their acc sharing.
  8. No I mean like if multiple times they have logged on from an ip totally in a different country u can tell their account sharing.
  9. This will also stop hackers from taking over peoples accounts and scammers. Because people give their accs for exp jobs etc and this should not be alllowed. Sharing your login information should not be tolerated and should be bannable. In Many Popular Games account sharing is bannable and it should be in this game too. Hope this feedback is helpful.
  10. Account Sharing should get the player banned and should be detected through their ip. This is because its not fair for people who put their time into the game and the people who pay like $100 to get to Number 1 in a season. To ensure fair gameplay account sharing should be added to the TOS. This will trully make the game better.
  11. Can U make The Discord verify email not verify phone smh

  12. Reality: His Password Was His Name
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