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  1. Hi! My IGN : PokemonLeader007 I need the Following: Articuno Zapdos Mystic Zapdos Raikou Dark Raikou Entei Suicune Regirock Regice Registeel Shiny Registeel Groudon Rayquaza Metallic Mesprit Dark Azelf Metallic Azelf Palkia Mystic Palkia Shadow Palkia Metallic Palkia Dark Heatran Regigigas Cobalion Mystic Cobalion Thundurus Tornadus Offering PD. Lemme know your rates for them
  2. So this means, you are not giving anything for free! but scamming the new players to train pokes for you or catch immune for you for a price that is negligible! Nice!
  3. Need the following : Gradevoir Mega, Gallade Mega and Metallic Absol Mega! You can check IGN : Chaos1 for leggies you are interested in! My Original IGN : PokemonLeader007
  4. won a cosmog few days back! but still in need of more! Thankyou in advance. IGN : PokemonLeader007
  5. Hi! my for your : Let me know if you are okay with it!
  6. Hi! Looking for the following : Articuno Cobalion Darkrai Deoxys Diancie Entei Groudon Heatran Jirachi Kyogre Latias Mew Mewtwo Moltres Palkia Raikou Rayquaza Regice Regigigas Regirock Registeel look what u want in my IGN : PokemonLeader007
  7. Need the following: Shiny Arceus Shiny Giratina Shiny Groudon Shiny Mew Shiny Mewtwo Shiny Rayquaza I am okay with the price! IGN : PokemonLeader007
  8. Hi i would like to get my poke trained to 5M Exp! please open soon
  9. Have edited the Forum! Please have a look!
  10. Sorry! but cant trade out Dark Shaymin
  11. Dark chespin is already sold to someone else! Sorry! you can have the Dark Vivilion (Marine) and Dark Chimchar For any 12 pokemons from the 24 i chose!
  12. My Dark Vivilion (Marine) for your : Shiny Zorua x 3 Dark Sandile Shadow Sandile Shadow Azurill I have put my poke uft!
  13. I need your: x3 Should i just offer random unique pokemons on all of these? or you need something specific?
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