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  1. UPDATE: Ahh so I got it to finally work, and also I don't know how to delete this so... yeah. The game is working again! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Whenever I now go onto the maps, it seems as though I cannot move. It says that it is loading, but it takes a bit longer to load. I have tried multiple times to restart my computer, log out and log back in, check my internet connection, etc. to make sure that it's not due to an unstable internet connection. My connection is fine, but I'm starting to wonder if the game is crashing for me. A bit of clarification for the first sentence, whenever I try to move, it stops and I have to constantly reset the page, and then it does it again. This only happens when I go onto maps to search for Pokemon. I have been able to access everything else perfectly fine.
  3. Hello! I would like to trade my Shiny Darkrai for your Shiny Dialga please!
  4. Hello! I believe that I have some of the starters you need. I could trade you the following for your Christmas Eevee: - dark pichu - shiny pichu - shiny tepig - 1 normal munchlax Evolved Starters needed: - shiny infernape Could this offer be considered please? edit: Please ignore this message, as I plan on keeping them. thank you
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