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  1. Can you unban us then @Tyheamma? Unless you can give us a valid reason why we were banned. I don't see it at this point. thank you
  2. I am one member who got banned for no good reason. When can we expect to be unbanned? This is completely ridiculous @Patrick
  3. The bf and I evolved two meltan to melmetal and the candies reset to zero even thought we had more than 50 each time. We don't have a screenshot to prove it but you guys should be able to check it out
  4. Dear fellow players, please be aware that user alex456 is a scammer. He declined trading his pokemon after getting my money, and blocked me. I know he tried to scam another player later that day as well. I trusted him as he was in my friends list. Just wanted to let the other players know, be careful guys! Cheers https://imgur.com/a/UaJVPUM
  5. Is there a chat where people post users fooling others? like denying a trade after getting the money? thank you user alex456 is fooling others he stole 4.5M from me
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