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  1. This Thing Pops Up Many Times While Training And Exploring Map..... Screenshot- https://500px.com/photo/1033817720/bug-by-k****ij-kediya
  2. Recently, A Friend Of Mine Got Scammed By "Chriswal".... He Said That He Bidded 33.6 m psd on this guy's auction for a trade and this guy scammed him and moved to another account. Do The Admins Or Mods Take any Action on such cases???
  3. Even I Am Looking For My Older Accounts But Not Cause I Forgot The Email... But Because They Banned Em For No Reason At All Wait...If I Try to remember now i forgotten their passwords too lol
  4. Hey, Is There A Thing Like Shadow Ban Or Something??? I Am Looking For Leggies For Hours And They Are not Appearing I Have Done All The Gyms Etc Required Maybe Its Because I Have Logged In After A Long Time??? ign-IamKK
  5. Whenever i go to a map and find a pokemon.. and start to battle one..a message appears after my first attack saying My IGN-IamKK Notice You have either gone back in your browser, gone back to a previous battle in your history, or clicked the submit button multiple times. To continue to your point in your current battle, please press Continue.
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