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  1. i have darknown zygarde zekrom and ray
  2. shadow toxel and shadow rookidee
  3. ii geuss i have the pooipole and a vent pikachu
  4. Ok but I still want to trade for the rest
  5. i will trade for you shadow toxel,rookidee and shadow larvitar
  6. sorry i did not see the offer but i will put the poipole
  7. oh ok but i can try to get another one for you
  8. i do not want to trade my poipole
  9. but poipole is a ub its more rare
  10. can i trade for Shadow Rockruff Shadow Mew Shadow Jirachi Shadow Honedge Shadow Genesect Shadow Espurr Shadow Diancie Shadow Dialga Shadow Azelf plz
  11. i can give you Zygarde Venusaur (Mega) Entei and Latias
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